Characters: A Translation Table

This is a translation table partially for my benefit and partially for yours. Think of it like a cast of characters for you. For me, it removes these people’s names from my web site, which permits me to avoid conflating me and them. Otherwise, I’d be showing up in a Google search together with them. I don’t want to be associated with some of them ever again, especially one in particular who has a relatively high profile, having been in TV and done some work by name on Amazon. The fact she also has a criminal record now (post-relationship) isn’t helpful either. Want to stay a million miles away from that.

My fuzzing up things probably won’t hide from any of them that I am writing about them. It’s just no one else will ever know. Since I have substituted names for everyone involved that isn’t dead and fuzzed up the dates a bit, it’ll help me keep things straight.

I keep listing dates…ye gods, so many of them.  I guess i’m being picky at last.


Characters: Girlfriends/Wives

Characters: Family

Characters: Friends

I feel quite certain i’ll have to add additional characters as time goes on. These events were more or less real, but some details are probably not entirely 100% accurate. The mind plays tricks with enough time. I tried to be as faithful to the facts as possible.

And yeesh, I look at the list of women and realize my number is higher than I thought. And I haven’t even included about three dozen minor players, some of whom I can’t even remember their names. I suppose if I am substituting, it hardly matters. Just more characters.

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