Hotel Necrophilia, for Norm

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So, Norman Lecomte wrote this set of lyrics for Hotel California back in the 1980s. This is probably a good segue into why Norm and I ended up as friends in the first place.  We had a study hall together and would write gross lyrics and song titles to occupy our time. 

Roger Munson was kind enough to give me a mixing board and between that and some tape decks and microphones, we started recording bands in the basement.  My stepfather wasn’t all that thrilled about that, and would have been less thrilled (maybe) with what we did in between, which was to record song parodies like this one.

Norm would usually come over with a notebook paper full of lyrics and he would sing them.  I read this one and asked him if I could sing it.  My voice was better for the song than his.  He readily agreed.  I think he was pleased that I liked it that much.

Anywho, Norm passed on around 2013 or so.  In 2020, in honor of his birthday, we recorded this version of the parody.

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