Rethinking Narcissist Analie…

Analie was the name I chose for my shitbag, alcoholic, drug addict, daughter-raping, narcissist abuser ex-wife. I called her Asswipe the Clown today. I think I like it better. Analie had the virtue of sounding like “Anally”, but Asswipe the Clown is just more appropriate.

I also called her “Trainspotty” also, which seems apropos, since opioids are just one of her addictions. “Trainspotty” is apparently funny.  People laugh, however true.

I suppose I should say that I would probably really forgive her if she showed an iota of self-awareness of what she had done to me and my family.  That isn’t going to happen.  But I figured I’d state it for the record.  I’m generally giving her the gray rock treatment, which is another reason why i’m not using names.  I’d prefer she not even know about my actual thoughts.  Gray rocking means lying to her is legitimate, since I want to deter contact, so that is what I have been doing.

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