What a mean thing to do…

So I met someone last week.  Her name was Emma.  She was a kind person and was pretty emphatic about wanting to meet me and start up a relationship.

I met her on Saturday the 19th.  We had a great time eating and walked around and then went back to her place and watched a movie.  She fell asleep on my arm.  Then she woke up and got atop me and kissed me for ages.  It was wonderful.

By this time it was getting late.  I went home, feeling pretty good about how things had gone.

I got weird messages that lacked much personal content for most of the day on Sunday. Then she broke it to me that she was pining for her ex, that she had broken up with 8 days before.  Eventually I dragged it out of her that she did not want any romance, but was willing to be a ‘friend and activity partner’, which I guess is an euphemism for fuck buddy.  

My response was that I loved myself more than to get involved with a situation like that.  I said if she reconsidered I would be open to getting together.

What I didn’t say to her was that WTF was she going out with someone after being broken up for 8 days.  Using me as her rebound guy was pretty shitty.

So back to the drawing board.  But what a crappy thing to do to someone.

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