Baphomet’s Cum Shack

Baphomet statue

This gross statue was at a house I had looked at in Falling Waters, WV in mid-2019.  It abuts the Potomac, and probably still is there today.  I’m brought to understand some weird religious cult owned the property and erected the statue. 

The house had other strangenesses.  The garage had been converted into a raised bar.  A lot of after-the-fact wiring had been done in the house.  The kitchen was all black and very dark, in the center of the house.  The bathroom was all in black too, and had a black urinal (!) in it.  The whole front of the house looked like a big dance floor.  

The joke was that the house was owned by sex addicts who would throw orgies and the theme song was a parody of the B-52’s “Love Shack” replaced with “Baphomet’s Cum Shack” as appropriate.  

It was worth a few laughs.  Analie could be funny when she wasn’t being actively addicted.

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